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Ballpoint Pens - Symphony Cover
Ballpoint Pens - Symphony
Compiled 2010.
A second collection of solo material by Ross Harman.

Gaskets - Architecture EP Cover
Gaskets - Architecture EP
Five rough studio mixes from an unfinished, unreleased Gaskets album.
Ballpoint Pens - Calcutta Cover
Ballpoint Pens - Calcutta
Compiled 2007.
Collection of solo material from Ross Harman of the Gaskets.
Gaskets - Loose Change Cover
Gaskets - Loose Change
The second studio album from the Gaskets.

Gaskets - Welcome to the 90s EP  Cover
Gaskets - Welcome to the 90s EP
An EP containing alternate arrangements and re-imaginings of songs from the Gaskets' "Loose Change," mixed by Eric Wes.
Gaskets - Gaskets Live Cover
Gaskets - Gaskets Live
Compiled 2010.
A collection of our favorite Gaskets live recordings.

Gaskets - Big Fun Cover
Gaskets - Big Fun
The first studio album from the Gaskets.

Gaskets - The Early Years Cover
Gaskets - The Early Years
Collection of songs recorded in high school, mostly as jokes and for laughs.

Trap Me In Doors
Live at the Canal Club. Recorded for "The Music Seen" on PBS, 2007.
Left Hand
Music video directed by Ross Harman. Edited by Benjamin Moses Smith.

Hold Steady Hot Weather
Music video directed by Lena Dunham.

Eiffel Tower
Music video directed by Grier Hillman Dill.

Pennies & Dimes
Music video directed by Noah Scalin.

Set On You
Gaskets cover George Harrison's "Got My Mind Set On You"
Blender Magazine Interview
Gaskets interviewed at CMJ 2007.